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Incoming students - Mental Health Services







Individual Counseling​ 

We offer short-term, time-limited counseling services to facilitate adjustment, improve functioning, resolve problems, and address acute symptoms impairing personal functioning as soon as possible.

Counseling services provided through MHS are not an appropriate substitute for open-ended, intensive psychological services. Some common examples of issues that may be more appropriate for off-campus treatment are:

  • Student issues that require regular weekly appointments throughout the semester
  • Student concerns which require a specific type of therapy not practiced by the staff 
  • Student difficulties which required open-ended, ongoing psychotherapy before coming to Washington University
  • Student issues that tend to worsen in short-term counseling

If you are a new undergraduate student, we highly encourage you to check out this resource for guidance in transitioning your prior mental health support from home to campus. SET TO GO


For assistance with accessing off-campus treatment, visit our Guide to Community Mental Health Services

If you are unsure of whether or not counseling services provided at MHS are the best fit for your needs, and/or if you would like further assistance with off-campus treatment, you may schedule a brief, confidential phone assessment​ with a MHS staff member. 

  • ​The telephone assessment can be scheduled online through the SHS portal​. If a student prefers, the screening can occur face-to-face versus by phone. 
  • If you are unable to schedule the assessment with the student portal, you may call (314) 935-6695 for assistance. 


Couples Counseling

MHS offers couples counseling to help partners develop new ways of relating to each other. To be eligible, one partner must be a full-time Washington University Danforth campus student.  


Psychiatry Services 

Full-time Danforth campus students are eligible for psychological consultation at MHS and psychiatry services are available on an as-needed basis. Student issues requiring immediate psychiatric care for medical stabilization and/or imminent safety concerns are prioritized and seen as quickly as possible. 

Undergraduate students who have an ongoing relationship with a family physician or psychiatrist at home are encouraged to maintain services with these providers. This can be beneficial for continuity of care as the home provider has an established relationship with the student. To facilitate this, students schedule appointments with their home provider during school break periods.  back to top


Treatment of ADHD 

For students wishing to receive medical treatment of ADHD at MHS:
Start by submitting your ADHD medical documentation to MHS. This must be done before an ADHD appointment can be scheduled. Documentation should include a comprehensive psychological assessment (handwritten notes are not acceptable). 

While MHS does not provide psychological assessment of ADHD, we can provide contact information of local area providers that provide this service. Call (314) 935-6695 for assistance. 

For more information on our psychiatry services, including important semester deadlines, click here.


Making an Appointment

The first step for most students seeking mental health services is a brief, confidential phone conversation (called a screening) with a MHS staff member. The purpose of the conversation is to clarify and assess your needs, and explore options for next steps. Use the SHS portal to schedule your screening and please note that this can take place in person if desired (for instructions click here​).  back to top


Therapy Groups & Workshops 

We offer several therapy groups and workshops throughout the year for our students, including DBT Skills Class, Dissertation Support Group, and Finding Your Center.   


Let's Talk 

Our Let's Talk program provides students with easy access to free, brief, confidential consultations with MHS counselors as they host walk-in hours at 5 sites across campus during which students can stop by when convenient- no appointments needed. 


TAO (Therapist Assisted Online)

TAO is a 7 to 9 week, interactive, web-based program that provides well-researched and highly effective treatment to help overcome anxiety, depression and other common concerns. 


For LGBTQIA Students

SHS is passionate about providing high quality ​​services in a caring enviro-​nment that is affirming of all​ sexual orientations and gender identities.