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Washington University Health and Wellness Committee

Founded in 2014, our membership includes Faculty, Staff, Graduate, Professional and Undergrad​uate Students. 

Mission Statement​

The Health and Wellness Committee utilizes and coordinates university-wide resources that encourage inclusive care and dialogue, focusing on programming and outreach that support and enhance the long-term emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health of Washington University community members.



We envision a university that recognizes health and wellness as an integral part of success and fosters a safe environment that supports the personal, academic, and social well-being of all university members.

We meet once/month during the academic year and each subcomitte meets on their own at least once/month outside of that meeting. Subcommittees indentify one or two key areas/issues to focus on per year.  Click on the links below to see some of the important initiatives that have been accomplished by this committe.​   


• Alcohol and Other Drugs

Think About It Logo.JPG 

• Graduate and Professional Student Affairs

Universal graduate orientation programming on health and wellness

• Fitness and Nutrition

 Bear Balance Movement (2016 flier)

• Mental Health

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• Sexual Violence