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Peer Health Educators receive Excellence in Leadership Award for Outstanding Ongoing Program 2018

Alcohol/Other Drug Programs

Undergraduate students entering Washington University in St. Louis are required to complete an online alcohol education program before matriculation.

Peer led education demonstrating how many standard drinks of liquor, wine, or beer fit into a typical plastic party cup; teaching students how to calculate Blood Alcohol Content; emphasizing the warning signs of alcohol poisoning; and reminding them how to call for help in an emergency.

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Online Screening Program

Mental Health Programs

Stressbusters Students help Wash U “rediscover relaxation” by providing free 5-minute backrubs and wellness information at events in Olin Library, the DUC, residence halls, etc.

  • Workshops led by Mental Health Professionals 
  • Stress-Free Zone. This event hosted by Olin Library during the reading period before exams features Finals Care Packages for the first 500 students, relaxation stations with activities led by peer health educators, and Stressbusters backrubs.

Nutrition/Fitness Programs

  • Dine with the Dietitian. Peer Health Educators, Resident Advisors, and other student leaders coordinate these events in Dining Services' demo kitchens featuring healthy meals prepared by a Bon Appetit chef and a conversation with the Director of University Nutrition who also serves as the dietitian at the Habif Health and Wellness Center.
  • South 40 Fitness Center/Sumers Recreation Center Promotion. Student leaders help promote the two convenient facilities and the wide range of classes offered to undergraduate and graduate students.

Sexual Health Programs

  • Sex in the Dark. This 90-minute program involves first-year students asking questions about sexual health in a casual, low-light setting. Their questions are answered by experts associated with the Wash U School of Medicine, Public Health or Social Work. They receive information about related services and resources offered in Medical, Mental Health, and Health Promotion Services and in St. Louis. Presented by Peer Health Educators (PHEs) with support from health promotion staff, this program is known for its non-judgmental approach, reliable information, entertainment value, and fun prizes.
  • STI Screening Days. Health Promotion teams with colleagues from the Wash U School of Medicine (Project ARK and the SPOT) to offer free STI screening and sexual health resources in the DUC on a first-come, first-served basis. SHS Medical staff answer students' questions.
  • Sex Week is a week of health promotion programs in February (see 2018 flyer on this page).
  • Questions about any of our sexual health programs or services? Contact 
  • Awareness Weeks. Staff members help student groups involved in health promotion on a variety of topics to reach as many students as possible with information and resources about taking care of themselves and their friends. Examples include Eating Disorders Awareness Week, Sexual Responsibility Week, Mental Health Awareness Week, and Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

For more information about any of the programs on this page, email us.​​​​​​​​\