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Eating Disorders

Eating and body image concerns

Eating and body image concerns are common among the college population, affecting both women and men. While concerns range from mild problems to serious, life-threatening conditions, many students seek help to deal with milder concerns in order to be proactive. If you have concerns about your body image or how your eating is impacting other areas of your life, please contact us.

Getting Started

When students first come to talk about eating and body image concerns, they usually meet with a member of the counseling staff. The counselor will help clarify the student’s concerns and may recommend that the student meet with other members of the treatment team in order to receive more comprehensive care and support.

After their initial appointment, students with eating and body image concerns may meet with one or more of the treatment team for ongoing care. The eating disorders treatment team is comprised of a medical doctor, a psychiatrist, counselors, a dietician, and a nurse. Our counselors can help students better understand the emotional and relational aspects of their eating and body image concerns, as well as the impact it has on their academic and social lives. If concerns about physical health arise, students may meet with the nurse and physician. Students are often referred to our dietitian to develop a healthy eating plan. Finally, our psychiatrist can evaluate whether medication could help alleviate symptoms.

Making an appointment

To make an appointment with a professional from the Eating Disorders Treatment Team, please schedule online through the SHS portal. The mental health coordinator will ask you some question in order to connect you with the appropriate professional for your first visit. Subsequent visits can be scheduled online.