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Preferred Name Policy


Frequently Asked Questions


Why does Habif Health and Wellness Center need my full, legal name?

Habif Health and Wellness Center (HHWC) must have your legal name on all medical documents because they are legal documents.  HHWC will have a place holder in your medical record for your preferred name.  We will need to identify you by your legal name on certain occasions during your visit but will use your preferred name when possible.  


Why must my sex be used for medical visits instead of my gender identity?  

A person’s birth sex is a primary state of anatomic or physiologic parameters.  Physiological change is different between the male and female sex.  Medical conditions between males and females are often different between the two sexes and may require different forms of treatment.  Some lab values are also reported differently between the sexes.  HHWC will recognize your preferred gender but will use your sex for your legal medical document and treatments.