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Lab Work

The Student Health Services provides full laboratory services. Approximately 20 tests can be performed in the SHS lab. The remainder of all testing that is ordered by SHS is completed by LabCorp, which serves as our reference lab and is on the Student Health Insurance Plan as a preferred provider. LabCorp can process tests ordered by SHS or outside providers. If you would like to obtain lab tests ordered by an outside provider, please bring their order with you.

Looking for your lab results?

If your tests are ordered by an SHS provider, they will contact you via secure message regarding your lab results. Please make sure that your current email address is registered with WebSTAC. 

Please be advised that results of tests ordered by an outside provider will not be available to SHS staff or providers, and will not be part of your medical record. You will need to contact the ordering provider for those results.

Every effort is made to contact you the same day your lab result information is received by SHS. SHS sends messages to all students who have abnormal lab results when they arrive from the lab. Some lab results take several days for a result (Pap smears may take up to 2 weeks).

Where to send claims

See the UHC website for claim information.