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Health Insurance Plan

Attn: Insurance opt in information

All students are automatically enrolled in the student health insurance plan once they are fully registered for the fall semester. The student health insurance plan provides coverage effective 8/1/17 and ends 7/31/18. Students may elect to waive out of the insurance until 9/5/17. Students wishing to be on the student insurance plan, and know they will not waive, may “opt in” to the plan in order to obtain insurance cards prior to the waiver deadline of 9/5. It is not necessary to “opt-in”. This is only necessary if the student wishes to have insurance cards prior to the waiver deadline. Students who do not waive, and who do not “opt in” will have insurance cards available to them via the UHC portal on 9/6/17.

Students wishing to remain on the plan and want an insurance card prior to 9/6 should click here to opt-in to the plan.

2017-2018 Student Health Insurance Plan Information

Detailed information and brochures about the 2017-2018 Student Health Insurance Plan can be found at​​

Washington University in St. Louis is pleased to offer an Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan underwritten by United Healthcare Insurance Company. This plan will go into effect 8/1/2016 and end 7/31/2017.​

All enrolled domestic degree-seeking undergraduate students in the day program and full-time graduate students on the Danforth Campus are automatically enrolled in the basic student health insurance plan unless proof of comparable coverage is provided.

All international students are required to participate in the basic plan on a mandatory basis unless there is proof of U.S. insurance through a U.S. employer via an employee parent or spouse/partner.



Information regarding the insurance waiver option

Make sure you understand the details of the student health insurance plan or any other plan you may consider.