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StressLess@WashU, adopted from StressLess@Stanford and customized for Wash U, allows you to have a private consultation regarding your main areas of academic-related stress. 

This consultation teaches you how to manage stress intentionally by guiding you through a process to identify the ways you successfully manage stress and your barriers to stress management.  Resources shared in the consultation are often technology and resource based and aim to help you establish a routine that will increase productivity and focus and decrease anxiety and procrastination.  Other areas discussed include breathing and relaxation, sleep, exam stress, and perfectionism.

The 30-minute, one-on-one consultations are with Jordan Worthington, MSW, Mental Health Promotion Coordinator at Habif Health and Wellness Center.  Her approach is to meet people where they are, consider their stress management strengths and weaknesses, and then discuss additional resources that could further enrich their stress management practice. Her approach is to support and promote self-care, while helping students cultivate the practice of being fully present with others in order to develop meaningful relationships and social skills in academic and professional environments. 

Jordan sh​ares her views on the program:

"Stress is inevitable in life, and especially within a rigorous academic environment such as WashU.  While we are unable to eliminate stress in our lives, we can change our relationship to stress so that we don't feel overwhelmed. StressLess@WashU is a program that helps highlight our existing strengths and acknowledge the ways in which we are managing stress, as well as tools to manage our stress more effectively.  StressLess@WashU will help students gain personal skills that will benefit them personally and professionally, during their time at WashU and beyond"

​To set up StressLess@WashU appointment, email Jordan Worthington at

If you are experiencing additional or more severe distress, please contact the Habif Health and Wellness Center to make an appointment with a mental health provider at​.