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Stressbusters is a  health initiative that helps WashU students, staff, and faculty rediscover relaxation.  Student volunteers, trained by a licensed massage therapist, provide free five-minute backrubs and wellness information at events on campus.

Making a difference

Studies show that brief backrubs of the type provided by Stressbusters reduce anxiety, blood pressure, heart rate, depression, and pain. 

Download the Stressbusters Wellness app for event info, 24/7 relaxation, and more.

How do I become a Stressbuster?

Fill out the application on​. Once accepted, you will attend a three-hour training workshop where you will learn how the program works, the basics of stress, muscle tension and relaxation, and how to provide simple, low-intensity Swedish backrub techniques to a person’s shoulders, arms, back and neck. You will also learn about essential communication skills and important campus wellness resources. After one semester of stressbusting, you will be invited to an advanced training to learn more techniques.     

Being a Stressbuster

Stressbusters are not paid.  This is a volunteer position.

Stressbusters are amateurs;  training in no way qualifies you to provide services on the level of a Licensed Massage Therapist, Physical Therapist, or credentialed chiropractor.

Time commitment:  In addition to the three-hour training session, a Stressbuster is required to participate in at least three events each semester. Since most shifts last for 60 minutes, your total minimum time commitment to the program will be approximately 3 hours per semester plus training. Many Stressbusters choose to give more time to the program. 

Uniform: is a white t-shirt with the Stressbusters logo on the back and the Habif Health and Wellness logo on the front.  Each Stressbuster receives his or her own shirt at their first official event after successful completion of training.  You will wear a Stressbusters name tag to each event.

A Stressbuster will never work alone; you will always be with a crew of other Stressbusters, providing backrubs in public spaces. Each event has a captain trained by health promotion staff to manage each event and represent the Habif Health & Wellness Center.

Stressbusters event locations have included the DUC, Goldfarb Commons in the Brown School, the Psychology Building staff lounge, Simon Hall, the Athletic Complex, residence hall lounges and lobbies, and Olin Library. 

Questions? Email us or call (314) 935-7139​​​​​