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Attendance Verification Form

Washington University Student Health Services does not provide written notes for missed classes, examinations, extracurricular activities, or employment. Whenever possible, students should schedule visits to Student Health Services, so that there is no conflict with class/work obligation.     


1. Each student who comes to Student Health Services for service is required to “sign in.” At the conclusion of the visit, the student is given a receipt which has verification of the date and time of the visit to Student Health Services. If the student needs to provide confirmation of a visit to an instructor or employer, this form may be used for that purpose and should be adequate documentation that medical/nursing care was actually sought. Diagnosis and treatment are indicated on the form.
2. Contents of health records are strictly confidential. If a student wishes that Student Health Services provide diagnosis/treatment of information to the instructor or employer, an authorization for release of information must be signed and placed in the chart. The person authorized to receive this information may then call Student Health Services at 935-9626 to request additional details of the visit. All such communications will serve only to verify an illness or injury and should not be interpreted as excusing an absence.
3. In the event of illness or injury, requiring hospitalization or extended absence from classes, Student Health Services will notify the appropriate dean if the student has given us permission. The dean will determine on a need-to-know basis when to share such information with whom.